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     In the second half of the 19th century, foreign medical missionaries and medical personnel of Customs, who entered Taiwan from Ta-Kao (Kaohsiung), built the first western-style hospital on the island, which began the history of modern medical services in Taiwan. The establishment and the development of Kaohsiung Medical University could be regarded to inherit the historical mission on Taiwan medical education and dedication.

First floor

     There are two sections on the floor:

  1.  “The Beginning of Modern Medicine-Church Health Services” rebuilt a part of David Manson Memorial Hospital to reflect the modern medical services provided after the mid-19th century and depict the church health services period.
  2. “A Platform for Taiwan with the World –Tropical Medicine” reflects the process how customs medicine was introduced into tropical medicine and further became an important medical research field in Taiwan.

Second floor

     There are five sections on the floor:

  1. "Role Models in Medicine in Taiwan" introduces 30 model  figures’ contributions to Taiwan’s medicine, particularly emphasizing on the humanistic aspects of their paradigms and moral behaviors.
  2. "Nursing in Taiwan" introduces the development of nursing education and those who devoted themselves are the focus.
  3. "Dentistry in Taiwan" constructs the developing history of Taiwanese dentists and dental education, along with connection to the local organizations by means of the dentists in Kaohsiung.
  4. "Pharmacy in Taiwan" introduces the development of pharmacy and pharmacy education.
  5. "Public Health in Taiwan" introduces the health policy and prevention of infectious diseases in the Japanese period and post-war time.


 Collection Highlights


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Dr. Chuang Ma-Jang’s Inspection Box

In 1920, Dr. Chuang Ma-Jang opened the "Ping He Hospital" and was the first Taiwanese doctor practicing western medicine in Kaohsiung

                         Midwifery Kit

In the early days, Taiwanese women mostly relied on midwives to deliver their babies. Midwives carried delivery kits to the pregnant woman's home to provide services.

          Dental Implants Machine

The first implant machine in KMU hospital (1990) was from the most famous brand of dental implant system in Sweden.


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