Overview of Collections

 A collection management system is the foundation of museum collection work. In 2018, we started to formulate a collection system. Through the "Regulations for the Establishment of Collection Committees", a Collections Committee was established to review the revision of relevant laws on collection management and review the accession of objects. The committee reviewed and approved the "Collection Policy ", "Regulations for Collection Management ", "Working Guidelines for Collection Registration", Working Guidelines for Collection deaccession and Disposal" and so on, which are the guidelines for us to implement various work of collection management. 



 Most of the museum's current collections were handed over by the original Museum of Kaohsiung Medical University or donated by the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government. To continue to enrich the collection and establish its characteristics of the collection, the public and alumni are welcome to donate relevant objects in line with the collection policy of the museum, and together to preserve the history of Kaohsiung Medical University and Taiwan medical history. If you consider donating objects to the museum, please fill in the Acquisition Application Form and e-mail us. We will contact you further.

The Collecting Areas


1.     Objects and historical materials that have witnessed the development of the school and have value for school history research.


2.     Objects and historical archives that record the school’s policies, life culture, landscape and ecology, and the development of international exchanges.


3.     Objects and historical materials that represent the development of Taiwan's medicine and the progress of healthy civilization, and are valuable for medical history research.


4.     Objects and historical archives that demonstrate the contributions and achievements of the school or its alumni to the development of medicine and the health and well-being of the people.


5.     Objects and historical materials can specifically represent the interaction and issues between medical technology and society.



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