Hui-Chu Lee 

·   Contacts: 2734#14

·   E-mail:

·   Responsible Duties:

        Govern and manage the museum tasks, and lead and supervise all staffs.



Dong-Ying Hsieh 

·  Contacts: 2734#14

·  E-mail:

·  Responsible Duties:

  1. Register and preserve the collections

        2. Digitalize the collections and manage the collection databases

        3. Maintain the collection warehouse and exhibit rooms 


Yen-Ting Pan 

·  Contacts:2734#12


·  Responsible Duties:

 1. Draw up overall policies for collections management

        2. Plan and implement exhibitions and related educational activities 

        3. Research on topics of KMU history and medical humanity 



Administrative Assistant

Hong-Jun Lin

·  Contacts:2734#13


·   Responsible Duties:

1. Manage the museum website and  Facebook Page

       2. Assist in museum-related affairs

       3. Other temporary to-do tasks

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