Welcome the new students-“Freshman Activities" (5/9/2022~31/10/2022)

    To welcome the new students of KMU, we especially plan the "Freshman-only" activities, from setting a dream to getting to know the history of the school and taking you into brand-new university life. 

Create Time Capsulewriting a letter to the future you 

1. Please come to our museum/library to get the letter sheet, and write down your plans for university life.

2. Give the letter to the museum clerk/librarian, we will inform you to get it back when you graduate. 


KMU History for Freshman (Simultaneous Playing on the first floor of the Library)

● Pokémon Challenges:  KMU Buildings

After watching the video, please go to the library circulation to play the game!


The medical Humanity in KMU

Take you to know the KMU spirit of medical humanity care!

*Note: Freshmen participating in Create Time Capsule or watching the video and winning the game can earn one reward point of The Whole Library Is My Amusement Park.


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