Dr. Kuan-Nien CHEN
  • Director
  • Prof of the Dept. of Fragrance and Cosmetic Science
  • Deputy Dean of Office of Library and Information Services of KMU
Personal Management:
  • Comprehensive Affairs of the Museum Management
Educational Background:
  • Ph. D., Information Systems, Technology & Management, The University of New South Wales
  • M.A., Library, National Taiwan University
  • B.A., Public Administration and Policy, National Chung-Hsing University

Words of Director

Hello everyone,

On behalf of all the staff of the Museum of KMU Historical Archives and Southern Taiwan Medical History, I would like to thank you for visiting our website. The museum expects sincerely your presence in the exhibition to experience the abundant medical history. In this medical campus of six decades, the Museum of Medical History itself is a big classroom. Thanks to the selfless dedication of the forerunner and their touching footprints left in this land of Taiwan, an opportunity of health and richness is created, which make the students have the concrete examples to follow and allow the public to read the wonderful articles to save the world and the people. To spread this spirit is our greatest hope.

Although the resources such as the space of museum, the budget and teams are limited, our sincerity to spread beauty and kindness as well as to receive the visitors remain the same. The museum will spare no effort to pursue the goal of profession and quality, to encourage ourselves and do better and better. The foundation of Museum of Medical History is a feedback of KMU to the society. The museum welcomes the neighbors and the visitors from all over the word to look around and give advice or comments and hopes that you come here with joy and leave with fruitful gains.

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