Hui-Chu Lee 

·   Contacts: 2734#14

·   E-mail:

·   Responsible Duties:

        Govern and manage the museum tasks, and lead and supervise all staffs.



Dong-Ying Hsieh 

·  Contacts: 2734#14

·  E-mail:

·  Responsible Duties:

  1. Register and preserve the collections

        2. Digitalize the collections and manage the collection databases

        3. Maintain the collection warehouse and exhibit rooms 


Yen-Ting Pan 

·  Contacts:2734#12


·  Responsible Duties:

 1. Draw up overall policies for collections management

        2. Plan and implement exhibitions and related educational activities 

        3. Research on topics of KMU history and medical humanity 



Administrative Assistant

(To be hired ) 

·  Contacts:2734#13

·  E-mail:

·   Responsible Duties:

1. Manage the museum website and  Facebook Page

       2. Assist in museum-related affairs

       3. Other temporary to-do tasks

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