Overview and Development of Collections

“Objects” are considered as the foundation of a museum and collection as the heart. While the current collection of the Museum of KMU Historical Archives and Southern Taiwan Medical History comes from the collection reserved by the Museum of KMU Historical Archives as well as the cultural relics given by Taiwan Medical Historical Heritage Center. After the opening, the museum will focus on collecting historical archives of KMU or medical heritage related to the Southern Taiwan in order to form gradually the collection feature of our museum. The museum also hopes to achieve the goal of collecting, reserving and presenting the relevant historical data and articles after the periodical development of the initial stage, medium and long term so as to highlight the significance and value of health care to the society of Taiwan, allow the public to understand and learn from the forerunners and spread the universal fraternity value. In the early stage, we will concentrate mainly on collecting historical archives of KMU, medical equipment, supplies and medical development data. The illustrations, letters, archives, oral historical archives and files of physicians will also be included in the scope of collection. As for the development of the medium and long term, the museum has planned to conduct a series of digital archive programs, including the old photos of health-related figures and history, old medical equipment, significant heritage, certificates etc., which make our museum a well-equipped digital museum and further develop as an important institution to provide medical and humanistic research resources for the Southern Taiwan.

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